Many of you have heard about  cloud-based web development services like Wix, Squarespace, etc. They are advertised, often on Youtube, as easy and cheap solutions for non coding savvy people or one who are not ready to spend money on one. This sounds good and it is kind of true, but only on the first steps or for some non ambitious, hobby level projects. Onese hooked on the deal their clients are not flexible to adjust “their” websites needs. The fees for the custom made capabilities are getting higher.

And this is only if the vision is at all implementable in this “comfortable” platform. One can find himself in a situation where the initial advertised cost and flexibility is just a dream. What about when you have had enough and want to go away? Good luck with migrating your data away from them.
I myself worked for a similar project long ago time and can say for sure that the people behind these platforms indeed have a feudatory approach towards their clients.
A business owner must own his or her website else he or she is one only in name.

But what if you still want to do flexible and good looking design yourself?

 Well Divi for WordPress is the best of both worlds. No hidden fees plus drag and drop design.
Even if you want to work long term with a web developer still the smart thing will be to go with Divi because the development hours that he must put in your project, at initial and later stages, will be drastically smaller. To the point where buying Divi is truly a money saving move.
Yes there are other good enough website builders for WordPress but in my opinion Divi is the best for the following reasons. It has better designed out of the box elements. Bigger library of elements. The framework itself is more stable due to better coding, that’s why you will also experience less cross platform bugs.

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(P.s. if you still need help or quick start with your Divi don’t hesitate to look for me for help)