Authorize.Net now in the best form.


How many payment processing services are there? Hundred? Thousand? If you are starting business you don’t want to bother yourself with this web of providers. Especially in a touchy subject as money. Right?
But you should.
Do you want to find yourself in a situation where you need to say to your customer: “I’m sorry but we cant accept your money by your only possible way”. If you are not a rooky entrepreneur you would know that this happens way more often than one may think.
So it does worth having in your back pocket more than one tool.
One needs no reminder that your revenue depends on your clients comfort and happiness.

But why Authorize.Net?

Let me give you a hint by providing you with some of its main features:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite
  • Recurring billing
  • Customer information manager
  • Online payment
  • E-check processing
  • Sync for Quickbooks
  • Virtual terminal and batch upload
  • Retail payment
  • Mobile payment
  • Mail/Phone payment

Yes you guessed right. Authorize.Net Is not exactly aimed for casual customers. And not all clients are equal.

Once upon a time old businessman told me: “Remember, if you trade with rich people you will be rich, if you trade with poor people you will be poor”

This platform have close to a half million users which in this case is quite a lot. This user share one billion transactions a year among themselves. Which amount to nearly 150 billion USD in circulations.
It is established over a quarter century ago in the far 1996. Which only adds to its well established institutional weight.
And unlike many other payment methods it routes credit card payments from the point of sale to the actual credit card processor via virtual terminal.
It also have card-on-file capability which securely saves the customers card details for ne next payments. Which makes the process more easy for them and more profitable for you. This capability is quite beneficial for you also because it can be quite challenging to code it yourself. And even more challenging to get pass the institutional regulatory approval.
Not only that it can save also other information. As multiple shipping addresses and other contact information.

But why put it on a contact form?

You are perfectionist and you have obsessively demanded from your staff to have perfect WordPress/WooCommerce store which works well in any situation. Good! Our most annoying, yet most stable long term customers have this type of character.
But what if you need to take here in there non standard payments. Don’t panic! Surprising exceptions are part of reality. You have them a lot lately? Also good. That means that you went far beyond the trivial way of doing things. This exceptions are hard to handle you say? Well this is what the Authorize.Net Addon for WPForms is for. You can easily direct your clients to your contact form to make the proper payment leaving their order details in the text field. You can even order them in conditional logic in order to set the process in the best way possible. Reoccurring payments are also and option among many, many other things. At the end you get a custom payment software.
So just make your life easier and grab your discounted WPForm from our partners.