WPForms – the power of contact


Having good mail management system in more and more competitive marketing environment can make your life not only easier but more enjoyable too. Direct contact can make or brake the personal touch with your associates, clients and partners. This is a task that must be approached carefully. And WP Mail SMTP for WordPress / Woo Commerce is the ultimate solution for that.

The WP mail problem

And not only that. WordPress is great at many things, but particularly bad at email management. This is cos it relies entirely on your servers performance by PHP mail() function. This quite often results in mails send to the wrong place or unsend mails. So it in this particular case it is a must have

So many questions only one answer

Have you ever needed to confirm with 100% certainty what time and date was the email sent out? Or if the email actually delivered and if not what error was received? How about if the email went to the right person or company? Or to prove that your WordPress website is doing its job? Did your Id, your email company or client needed to make sure the messages are being delivered? Did you ever needed advance message save and header inspection capability?
Well this is possible for less than $50.

How can you connect it

The best part is that it is compatible with any service, but lest just name a few:

  • White Glove Setup
  • Email Log
  • Manage Notifications
  • SMTP.com
  • Amazon SES
  • Zoho Mail
  • Microsoft 365
  • Outlook.com
  • Gmail / Google Workspace
  • Mailgun
  • SendGrid
  • All Other SMTP Providers

Easy to set up

  • Download the WP Mail SMTP from here
  • Login to your website admin
  • Install WP Mail SMTP Pro
  • Check pro license from your customer account in wpmailsmtp.com
  • Insert it in the activation area in the plugin panel of your site
  • Click SAVE
  • Go to Email Logs and and click enable
  • Save
  • Click Email Logs on the left hand menu bar

In the settings you can see all the outgoing emails from WordPress with their information in great details. You can also click to inspect the header content. An option to save the entire message is also there. Which is quite useful to be able to inspect your emails and fix any any problems. You can see the re-acurring problems and deal with them accordingly. Eighter by correcting the recipient or by re-sending the message. You can see a backlog of all your massages and inspect if they have ben really send or just someone on the other end is not loyal or careful to you.
In the setting you have also quite detailed options as setting the mailing port or choosing the security encryption. There are also some other quite useful features as mail authentication and SMTP Username which are useful for some older but still quite spread e-mail methods. Overall the developers of this WPForms plugin are have thought about any situation.

Anyway you are ready to take full advantage of your discounted licence of WP Mail SMTP here
If you are comfortable delegating work to someone else, we can be that one. Just let us know at: s.work.customercare@gmail.com